Harassment Policy

Towers and TItans is a competitive game, and we understand that as a result our players can become highly emotionally invested in the game. We do ask that all users treat each other in a manner that keeps the game fun, safe, and respectful.

That said, we would like to clarify where we define the line between gameplay and harassment.

Acceptable Behavior

Since Towers and Titans is a competitive game, we do expect a basic amount of genial "trash talking" from players, especially when relating to the more strictly-competitive aspects. Such "trash talking" is allowed as long as it remains in the spirit of friendly competition.

Reportable Behavior

When "trash talking" moves from friendly banter onto verbal abuse, threats of physical harm, profanity, racism or any other language or behavior that violates Rumble's policies, then this becomes a different matter.

In these situations, we ask that you report such behavior to Rumble Player Support via the Rumble Player Support website. These cases will be investigated on a case-by-case basis and dealt with in accordance to Rumble's Terms of Service. We also ask that you take steps not to bait other players, avoid escalating the situation, and keep detailed records of behavior that you suspect could be harassment.

Mute the Offensive Players

Take advantage of the BLOCK command available when selecting another player's name in the chat window. This will block the player from communicating with you via chat, adding them to your ignore list and removing the main avenue for harassment in Towers & Titans.

  • Tap on the offending player's icon in the Chat panel
  • Tap Block

How to Report Harassment

If you have taken all precautions as described above and still feel you are being victimized, you can report this to Rumble Player Support. We will then review the incident and determine the appropriate response. When submitting your report, please remember to include:

  • Screen Name of the individual being reported
  • Date & Time of the Incident
  • Brief description of the Incident
  • Screenshots

You may also use the in-game reporting tool to report any harassment to Rumble Player Support. Submitting a harassment report in-game will automatically provide Rumble Player Support with all the relevant information we need to begin an investigation.

  • Tap on the offending player's icon in the Chat panel
  • Tap Report

Measures Taken Against Harassers

If a player is found to be violating the harassment policy, then Rumble Player Support will take appropriate action in return, dependent on the severity of the incident. This can start with a brief suspension of that player's ability to access global, up to permanent termination of the account itself. Repeated offenses will result in escalating disciplinary action being taken.

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