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Due to upcoming changes made by Facebook in response to certain behaviors that they were observing on their platform, KingsRoad will soon be no longer able to support Facebook login on both iOS and Android. 


This does not mean that our Facebook players can no longer enjoy the same KingsRoad experience that they have been enjoying. You can still continue to enjoy the same KingsRoad experience by migrating to a login.


To migrate an existing Facebook experience to

  1. On a desktop computer, make sure you are logged into the Facebook account you were using to play KingsRoad
  2. Visit KingsRoad's old page on Facebook
  3. You'll see a message that KingsRoad is no longer available on the web
  4. Click on the Link Account link
  5. Create a new account on the Sign Up page you are taken to
  6. You'll get another message stating that KingsRoad is no longer available on the web
  7. Open up KingsRoad on your mobile device
  8. Select the Rumble Games login option
  9. Provide the login credentials you used in step 5
  10. Enjoy KingsRoad!


Please note that you will need to create a new account in step 5. Existing accounts cannot be used for account migration.

Please note that with this last change, Rumble Player Support is no longer able to perform account migration for you under any circumstance.

Please note that this account migration process does require that you be able to log into the Facebook account that was used to play KingsRoad originally: please contact Facebook for assistance in logging into that Facebook account if you need help doing so.


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