Technical - Long Loading Times, Error Messages, and Other Connectivity Issues

Performance in Alliance: Heroes of the Spire is something that Rumble is always working on, but at times it can be affected by a number of factors outside of Rumble's control. This can include the connectivity between the client on your device and the game services, as well as what kind of hardware that Alliance: Heroes of the Spire is running on.


Alliance: Heroes of the Spire is a live game, which means that while you've downloaded a client to your device in order to play the game, much of the activity within the game itself is managed on Rumble's game servers. This means that the client on your device needs a steady, reliable connection to our servers in order for the game to progress smoothly from action to action. That can be affected by a number of subfactors (including, but not limited to: the speed of your internet connection, your distance from the Alliance: Heroes of the Spire game servers themselves, issues your Internet Service Provider or one of their underlying carriers may be experiencing, etc), and may exhibit as longer than normal loading times, the Alliance: Heroes of the Spire client refreshing or closing unexpectedly, or error messages in the game.


Rumble Player Support has no direct control over a player's connection itself, and can only provide general troubleshooting advice that has been shown to help other players in the past. We recommend the following actions if you are experiencing connection-related difficulties:

Force-close the App and relaunch
Close down all Apps on the device & restart the Device. Then restart only the App.
If you have registered an email address for recovery, you may also delete the App and redownload from the App Store.

Please note that if you have not registered an email address for recovery, deleting the app will delete the game account, and this process is irreversible.

On older devices with smaller drives and less RAM we also recommend limiting the number of apps you have running in the background as you play Alliance: Heroes of the Spire, as each app running uses system resources, and more apps running in the background will reduce the number of resources available for Alliance: Heroes of the Spire. This will impact your gameplay as Alliance: Heroes of the Spire runs out of the resources necessary to function properly. This can even exhibit on newer devices if system memory is an issue.

While the minimum system requirements for Alliance: Heroes of the Spire include only 1GB of non-removable RAM, we recommend at least 1.5 GB or more for best performance. At less than 1.5GB the Alliance: Heroes of the Spire app can run out of usable memory quickly if other memory-intensive programs are running in the background.

Rumble is constantly making adjustments to Alliance: Heroes of the Spire's footprint to try and improve performance, but we cannot guarantee 100% reliability on every device on the market due to variances in hardware specs between devices, and even variances in manufacturer between two devices of the same class.

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