Game Guide - Proving your Mettle - Alliance Raids


"Welcome back, Commander!"

"Now that you've amassed your own team of Rift Hunters and joined an Alliance, it's time to take on the newest challenge, one that you can't face alone: Alliance Raids!"

"Alliance Raids are only available to those Commanders that have beaten the Gorgas Volcano on Standard difficulty and have joined an Alliance. Participating in Alliance Raids allows you to earn Commander Skill Points, Commander Skill Tributes, and Raid VIP Points."

"Like many other of the locales you can send your Heroes to do battle in, Alliance Raids consist of several floors to fight through, each one increasing in difficulty from the last. Each floor is dominated by a single powerful Boss that you and the rest of your Alliance work together to take down."

"The Raid begins when the first member of your Alliance attacks a Raid boss on the currently unlocked floor, and that starts the Raid Timer counting. The Raid Timer slowly increases minute to minute, tracking how long it takes for your Alliance to defeat the Raid boss on the current Floor. Once the raid boss is finally defeated, all current members of the Alliance who helped in its defeat will earn Leaderboard points, based on how much damage they individually dealt to the Boss."

"Everything in Alliance Raids is one-time only. An Alliance can beat each Raid boss once and only once. Every Commander can only earn Leaderboard points the first time they defeat a Raid boss, no matter what Alliance they are in."

"So it's like this; if you're in an Alliance and help to defeat the Raid bosses on Floor 1 and Floor 2, then you get the Leaderboard points for those defeats. If you switch to an Alliance that's moving a bit slower and still working on the Raid boss for Floor 1 then you can still help that new Alliance defeat the Floor 1 Raid Boss, but you're not going to earn Leaderboard points when it's defeated nor will you show up on the Leaderboard ranking. You still get all the Commander Skill Points and other rewards for each fight fought, but no Leaderboard points or ranking."

"Another way to look at it is like this; you're in an Alliance (Alliance A) and working to help defeat the Raid boss on Floor 2. You leave that Alliance for a new one (Alliance B), but after you've done so Alliance A finally manages to defeat the Floor 2 Raid boss. Since you're not a member of Alliance A anymore, you're not going to earn the Leaderboard points for their defeat of the Floor 2 Raid boss, even though you helped. But you're still eligible to earn Leaderboard points for helping Alliance B (or even any other Alliance you might switch to) defeat the Floor 2 Raid boss."


"So, that's the basics of Alliance Raids. But how do you actually participate, how do you help your Alliance defeat these powerful bosses? You need to send your Heroes on Bounties; Bounties are how you send your teams of Heroes off to attack the Raid boss. Bounties are summoned through Bounty Cores, and come in multiple varieties from Common up to Mythic. Each day you'll start off with three Daily Bounty Cores, and these reset back to three no matter how many you had before the start of the new day. If you want to send more teams off against the Raid boss you can purchase more Bounty Cores through the Shop."

"When you start you're able to have a maximum of five Bounties summoned and running teams at once, and you can improve that through Raid VIP to allow you to run up to ten at a time."

"Alliance Raids are special in that the Heroes you send off to pursue a bounty can still fight in other areas of Fracture (like the Hero Event or Dungeons), but each Hero can only pursue one bounty at a time. And once a Bounty's been completed, the Heroes that participated in that Bounty have a mandatory rest period of four hours before they can be sent off on another one."


"So, you've got your Raid boss, and you've got your Bounties. By now you've probably also noticed that each Bounty comes with a set of Bounty Bonuses to be met. Fulfilling these Bounty Bonuses earn you better rewards for its completion, and they'll require that your Team meets specific Element, Faction, Role, Rank, or Star Level requirements."

"For example, if you have a 5* Otto on your team, he'll meet a requirement for a Water Element Hero and a requirement for a Mechborn Faction Hero. But that same 5* Otto can't meet the requirement for a 5* Water Element Hero AND a 4* Water Element Hero at the same time."

"Basically, one Hero can meet multiple requirements of different types (Faction vs Star Level, etc), but can't meet multiple requirements of the same type (A 4* Element Hero vs a 5* Element Hero)."

"You can shuffle and filter your Heroes in the Hero list based on the requirements for each Bounty, which appear above your Hero list. You can also just tap the Auto Fill option, which is going to try and pick the best Heroes to meet all of the listed requirements, going from first to last. Sometimes you may want to double-check the ones picked to make sure you're meeting as many Bounty Bonuses as you can."


"And once you and the other Commanders in your Alliance send off enough Hero teams chasing enough Bounties and defeat the Raid boss, what then? Then you see what your Raid Score is, and see how you stack up against the other Commanders in your Alliance. You earn Raid Score by completing bounties and dishing out damage to the Raid boss, and your Raid Score can be improved by your Raid Score Bonus; fulfilling Bounty Bonuses is how you improve your Raid Score Bonus. All of the Raid Score you've earned on a Raid Boss goes towards the Alliance Leaderboard."


"Along with the Raid Score that you earn for each Bounty completed, you'll also be earning Commander Skill Points and Commander Skill Tributes. Commander Skill Points are used to increase your Commander Skills at the Commander Shrine in your Base. There are separate chains of Commander Skills for each Element and Faction, and you'll unlock bonuses for that specific Element or Faction as you increase each Commander Skill. You've got to reach Level 10 of a single Commander Skill before you'll be able to move onto the next Commander Skill in that particular chain, but each successive skill in the chain comes with better bonuses. And those bonuses apply automatically to all of the Heroes in your Barracks of that Element or Faction."


"Finally you've got Raid VIP. It's similar to normal VIP but separate. You earn Raid VIP Points by purchasing Alliance Raid offers in the Shop, and you can even earn it by maximizing bounty bonuses on higher quality Bounties. As you earn more Raid VIP Points you'll unlock one-time rewards and ongoing perks that help you get further in Alliance Raids."

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