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Players in Alliance: Heroes of the Spire who decide to purchase one of the many packages available in the game will find themselves earning VIP Points for each purchase. The VIP Program in Alliance: Heroes of the Spire works exactly like any other rewards program you may have heard of, providing players who make purchases in the game with access to special rewards otherwise unavailable.


Players can see the VIP Level they've reached on their Profile Pic on many screens, and they can see how many VIP Points they've earned and what VIP Level they've reached through the VIP Rewards panel in the Profile menu.


The VIP Rewards panel will list how many VIP Points the player has earned, as well as how many more they would need to earn to unlock the next VIP Level. They may also review all of the Perks and Rewards that they have earned for their progress.


The rewards listed on the right column of the VIP Rewards panel are the one-time rewards that are granted immediately upon reaching each VIP Level. Perks are listed in the left column, and are activated immediately upon reaching each VIP Level and are always active once unlocked.


Most Perks are bonuses that apply in general to the account, such as an increase in the amount of XP that is earned for exploring, or how fast energy and currencies regenerate. Other bonuses decrease the amount of time it takes for an auto-battle to finish, or increase the number of Heroes that can be summoned at the same time & stored in the Barracks. Other Perks are daily or weekly bonus stipends that are delivered either every day from 00:00 UTC or every week from 00:00 on Sunday.

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