Game Guide – Fighting for Gold & Glory in the Arena

“Welcome back, Commander!”

“So we’ve covered the history of Fracture as we know it, what you’ll be doing out in this great big broken world of ours, and how you’ll be putting together Teams. But that’s not all you’ll be doing out in the world.”



“We’ve set up the Arena as a place for Rift Hunter Companies to test the mettle of their teams out in live combat exercises, and gives the citizenry something to amuse themselves. To send a team into the Arena, simply tap its icon on the World Map.”


“The Arena is where teams of Rift Hunters complete for honor and glory, and a bit of spoils along the way. You have your ranking, which is a measure of how successful you’ve been in the Arena. There may also be bounties available for accomplishing some feats in the Arena, such as defeating a particular number of enemies. Both of these will have rewards associated with them, that can be collected from here and sent to your Inbox.”

“On the right will be the Leaderboards. There are two types of Leaderboards available; the Global leaderboard, which shows where you stand against every other Rift Hunter Company in the world of Fracture, and then the Alliance leaderboard for finding out where you place amongst the other Rift Hunter Companies in your current Alliance.”

“Ranking is based on the number of Medals you have earned in the Arena. With each win, you’ll earn a Medal, but you will lose a Medal for any loss. If you keep winning and keep earning Medals, then you’ll progress in the rankings.”

“Finally, this is also where you enter the Arena. It costs a single Arena Token to fight in the Arena. You’ll receive a complimentary Arena Token on a regular basis, but can only have four of those at a time; fail to fight, and that just means you stop receiving the complimentary Arena Tokens. If you’re on a hot streak and don’t want to wait, you can also purchase Arena Token Packs in the Shop.”

“So when you’re ready to fight, just tap the button to enter the Arena.”



“Before you can fight, you’ll need to assign the Heroes who’ll be fighting in the Arena for you. All Heroes are shown on the right, ready for inspection, and just need to be tapped to be assigned to the Arena team. Or you can pick from any already-assigned teams you may have.”

“This will also show you who your opponent is; their level and the level of their heroes. You’ll be given the chance to find a new opponent (with the costs for doing so increasing for each consecutive refresh), or you can go at it by tapping to battle!”



“Once you are in the Arena, it’s just as if your team was fighting in a Zone out in Fracture. You have the choice to let them fight on their own, or you can issue out commands; I recommend taking the more measured tactical approach and command them yourself, but the choice is entirely up to you.”

“Win in the Arena, and the rewards are yours. Failure does not leave you totally empty handed, as there are consolation prizes, and any progress you make towards a Bounty is counted as well.”

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