Game Guide – Growing your Rift Hunter Company – Outfitting your Teams

 “Welcome back, Commander!”


“Once you’ve gotten a likely group of Heroes together, you’re going to want to assign them to teams and get them equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.”




“To get them started, you’ll need to visit the Barracks, back at your Base. Tap the Base Icon to return to your Base, then tap the Barracks icon to visit the Barracks.”



“Once you’re in the Barracks, you’ll first be presented with all of your summoned Heroes, ready for inspection on the right. By default they are sorted by Stars, with the Heroes with higher Star values listed first. It does give you the option to sort by a number of different variables as well.”

“From here you can view information on the selected Hero’s stats by tapping Info, their Abilities by tapping that button, their Equipment by tapping the so-named button, and finally you’ll have access to Ascend the Hero. Ascension is something we’ll cover later though!”



“The Info tab will list out the name of the selected Hero, their element, and their current XP and level. It will also list out their type and class, as well as showing their base stats. Stats can increase as the Hero powers up, or as you have different items equipped.”



“The Abilities tab will show you the Abilities that this Hero has available to them. You can tap on each ability to see a description of what it does, along with any stat modifiers that are available for its use.”



“In the Equipment tab, you’ll have the opportunity to outfit your Heroes with the various items that they find in their hunts, and this includes weapons, armor and Jewels that can be socketed into both of those. Just tap on the slot that you want your Hero to equip something into, and you’ll begin.”



“Here you’ll be shown all the items that your Hero currently has equipped on the left, if they have anything equipped. Select a slot, and then you’ll be shown the items that can be equipped in that slot on the right. There are a number of different Item Sets available in Alliance: Heroes of the Spire, with bonuses available for those Heroes that equip more pieces. You may also upgrade the equipment by tapping the Upgrade button; this improves that item, increasing the bonuses it provides.”

“The final tab is the Ascension tab, where you can upgrade your Heroes themselves. But we’ll cover that in another session.”

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