Game Guide – The World Map

“Welcome back, Rift Hunter!’

“Now that we’ve gotten you a bit up to speed on where you are and what you are doing here, it’s time to get you caught up on how you’ll be doing all that treasure hunting!”




“This is the World Map. This is how you get about in the world, and manage your team of bounty hunters and treasure seekers. Everything you need to know, and do, and manage will be done from here.”




“This section allows you to check your level at a glance, as well as your VIP Level, the state of your Airships, and your Inbox. Be sure to check your Inbox regularly, as rewards from daily logins, Achievements, and other sources will be sent to your Inbox, and they must be collected in a timely fashion.”


“Rewards in the Inbox do have an expiration date, and we won’t be able to replace those rewards that expire before they are picked up! So be sure to check back often!”



“By tapping the Daily Login icon, you’ll be shown the Daily Login Rewards Calendar. If you log in each day, you’ll earn more and more rewards. Miss a login, though, and you’ll start back on day one.”


“Please note that each day for Alliance: Heroes of the Spire starts at 00:00 UTC.”


"You can also review the most recent release notes by tapping the Rumble Notes icon. These are all the updates made with the most recent release."




“The last set of icons on this side will be the major quests that you are currently on. You can tap each icon to see what needs to be done, or to complete a quest and have the rewards sent to your Inbox!”




“By tapping on your profile picture, this brings up the profile itself. From here you can choose a new profile picture from those available by tapping the profile picture a second time. Or you can change your Username if you want; the first change is free, but any change after the first needs to be purchased with Gems.”




“As you scroll down within the profile panel you'll find a number of different options, including volume controls for the background music and all of the awesome sound effects you might hear. You can also enable or disable the Action Camera, to ensure that you get all of the best angles on your Rift Hunters as they battle. Trust me, it looks amazing!”


“From here you can also contact our Support mages, should the need arise, as well as visit the official Forums and official sub-Reddit!”




“By tapping the VIP Rewards button, you can check your current VIP level and VIP points, and see what rewards await you as you increase your VIP Level. VIP Points are earned by purchasing items in the store!”




“This section of the World Map is where you can manage your currencies at a glance and check up on what's going on in Fracture. Please note that only the currencies that you’ve unlocked will be listed; as you progress further in exploring Fracture, new areas will open up for use and they may require a new form of currency. So you may not see all of the same icons as above when you start off.”


“Tapping on each icon will show you more information about the listed activity. This includes Festivals, Hero Events, special weekend events like free Path of the Ancients or free unequipping of equipment, and so on.”




“This final series of icons is where you can join or view your Alliance, and access a few major parts of the game.”



“Tapping here will allow you to find an Alliance, or to access the Alliance panel if you’ve already joined one. We’ll go over Alliances more in depth later.”



“Tapping the Quest button will bring up the Quest Panel, which gives you the rundown on the three other types of quests that are available. There are Daily Quests, Achievements, and Festival quests (when a Festival is running).”


“This will show you the requirements for each Quest, and the rewards that you’ll receive once you’ve completed it. Remember to check the Quest panel often, as these rewards must first be collected from the Quest Panel, and then from your Inbox!”



“Tapping the Shop button will bring you into the Shop, where you can purchase a variety of items to help you along your way to becoming the greatest Rift Hunter Company that ever was. Offers generally change on a weekly basis, especially the Limited offers, so be sure to check back often!”



“This last button will take you to your Rift Hunter Base on the Spire, where you can take care of even more of the day to day work at running a Rift Hunter Company. We’ll cover that later, though!”



“And finally, you have the World Map itself. From here you are able to dispatch your Rift Hunters to different Zones in Fracture and the Rifts that spring up from time to time. Only the Zones and Rifts that are available to you will be visible; the fog of war covers those places in Fracture that you’re not quite ready to take on yet, for your own protection. This is also to help keep you focused on where you need to go at any given time, instead of being lost in a plethora of choices.”

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