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“Welcome, Commander, welcome.”

“We’ve taught you about the Elemental Temple and how to send your teams out in search of the Essences they hold, key in Ascending your heroes to unlock their greatest potential. Another avenue of gathering greater power is the Equipment Dungeon.”



“Equipment Dungeons are ancient enclaves of power, and lost in their depths are the pieces of powerful Item Sets, equipment that can provide great power and strong bonuses to the Heroes who equip them. The Equipment Dungeons can be entered by tapping on the Equipment Dungeon as shown on the World Map.”



“Here you will be shown the Equipment Dungeons that are available to you and your teams. As you explore more and more of the Zones in Fracture, you will unlock access to different Dungeons, each of which contains a different Item Set.”

“Equipment Dungeons are also unlocked using Temple Keys, with one key unlocking one attempt to explore an Equipment Dungeon.”



“As in the Temples, you assign a team of Rift Hunters to explore the Dungeon and to go up against the minions found in its depths. You may command the team yourself, or you may leave them to fight on their own. With either choice, they fight until they clear the Dungeon or lay defeated by its inhabitants.”


“Should they find their victory, they will return to the Base with those spoils they have found. The items they will find in the Equipment Dungeons are decided at random by the will of the Void; each Equipment Dungeon will contain parts of the Item Set it is themed to, but what pieces they find will be random, along with the quality of those pieces. Pieces of a single Item Set can be mixed and matched based on their quality, but those items with a higher quality will convey greater stat improvements.”



"You may also opt to allow your team of Rift Hunters to explore the Dungeon repeatedly and on their own. To do so, tap the Auto-Battle button on the Dungeons panel. This will allow you to set the maximum number of explorations your team will perform, and show you the cost in Temple Keys."



"An Airship is also required to dispatch a Team on their own to the Dungeons. But once they have completed their explorations, you will receive a report of the successes, as well as any failures they may have faced."



"And those are the Equipment Dungeons, Commander. Good hunting!"

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