Game Guide – Raiders of the Elemental Temple

“Welcome, Commander, welcome.”

“Today we are going to cover something a tad more advanced than what Tara has been covering with you. Today we are going to discuss Elemental Temples.”



“What history we have saved from before the Cataclysm tells us that these Temples were most sacred places, each attuned to a different Element. What we can say now is that these Elemental Temples can be explored by inquisitive Rift Hunters such as you and your teams, explored for a bounty of Essences, the very Essences that you need in order to Ascend your Heroes and make them more powerful.”

“To begin, tap on the Elemental Temple on your World Map.”



“This will show you what Elemental Temples you have unlocked, and which are available for exploration on any given day. Each Elemental Temple is open at different times, but this will be a set schedule and easy to determine for yourself.”

“Elemental Temples are unlocked with Temple Keys, at the cost of one Temple Key per Temple unlocked. Just tap on the available Temple that you wish to explore in order to begin.”



“You will then need to assign the team of Rift Hunters that you wish to explore the chosen Elemental Temple. Each Elemental Temple is focused on one of the five elements; Fire, Water, Nature, Order, and Chaos. This determines the type of rewards you will find, as well as the kinds of enemies your team will face.”



“Once your team has entered the Temple, you may monitor their activity yourself to give orders on how to proceed, or you may allow them to fight on their own cognizance. Once they have fought their way through the Temple, you will be provided with a report on the spoils that they have discovered.”



"This also gives you the change to repeat the same Temple, at the cost of another Temple key."



"You may also opt to dispatch one of your Airships to allow them to fight through the Temple entirely on their own. You may dispatch a team to battle in this fashion by tapping the Auto-Battle button, and then determining how many battles they will fight on their own."



"Once they have fought through the Temple as many times as ordered, you'll receive a similar battle report, detailing their victories and losses."

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