Game Guide – Strength in Numbers - Alliances in Alliance: Heroes of the Spire

“Welcome back, Rift Hunter!”

“So, we’ve given you the rundown on Fracture itself, and you’ve gotten a look at the World Map to help you get around and get things done. Now we need to take about Alliances.”

 “Each Rift Hunter like yourself has their own company to manage. That Rift Hunter Company is full of the hunters and refugees from the Rifts that they gather, and those are the teams they send out to explore the Zones and Rifts in Fracture. But each Rift Company is basically locked in a struggle with every other Rift Company, in order to come out on top. This is where Alliances come into play.”

“An Alliance is a grouping of like-mind Rift Companies that have come together and forged a pact to cooperate instead of compete. Each Alliance has its own headquarters on the Spire, and access to its own section in the Shop!”



“To reach your Alliance’s headquarters, you can tap either the Alliance button or the Spire on the World Map. Should you not be in an Alliance quite yet, that’s also how you can find one! Either of those options will bring up a list of suggested Alliances, as well as a search field where you can find a particular Alliance, based on the name.”



“Once you are in an Alliance, you can visit the Alliance’s headquarters on the Spire where the owner, the officers, and the members of an Alliance have different options available to them.”



“The Alliance home is where everyone can see the basic information on the Alliance; its level (more on what that means in a bit), its member count, its motto and the daily message. This is where officers and members of an Alliance may leave if they so choose. And here is where the owner will be able to update the motto or the daily message, if they so choose. The owner will also have the option to disband the Alliance.”



“The Members screen is where the Alliance’s roster can be reviewed. This will show all of the current members of the Alliance, along with their rank. Here you can also pick fights with the other members of the Alliance, sending your choice of your own Rift Hunters against their defenders.”



“The owner and officers will have access to the manage button, which allows them to change a member’s rank in the Guild, or remove them entirely. An officer can only promote members to officers and vice-versa. The Alliance’s owner will have the option to promote any member of the Alliance to be the new owner, automatically becoming an officer afterwards.”

“Owners and officers will also have access to the Requests tab, where requests from unallied Rift Hunter Companies will be listed and decided upon. They can either be allowed to join the Alliance, or their request may be declined.”



“The Alliance Contributions are how an Alliance levels up. All members of an Alliance may contribute, obtaining Alliance XP that goes towards the Alliance’s level. Everyone gets a limited number of free contributions a day, and then others may be purchased with Gold, Honor, or Gems. Gold and Honor contributions are limited on a daily basis, but Gem contributions are only limited by how many Gems you have to spend.”

"One of the other benefits to being in an Alliance are the rewards! All members of an Alliance will receive rewards for events such as the Alliance leveling up, or for other Alliance members purchasing bundles from the Shop. Share and share alike!"


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