Game Guide – Growing your Rift Hunter Company – Ascension!

 “Welcome back, Commander!”

“So far we’ve covered how to summon Heroes out of the Void, and how to power them up through Hero Fusion. Hero Fusion is just one way to power them up, though. The other means allows them to grow even strong, and is called Ascension!”




“Heroes are ascended while they are in the Barracks, so you first must return to your Base by tapping the Base icon on the World Map, and then tapping the Barracks icon once you are in your Base.”




“Once you’re in the Barracks and have all your heroes out for inspection, tap on the Hero you wish to ascend, and then tap the Ascend tab. Keep in mind that only Silver-star Heroes may be ascended; you’ll find Bronze-star Heroes along the way, but they do not have an Ascended form.”




“Once you’ve chosen your Hero and tapped on the Ascend tab, you’ll be shown a preview of how epic the Hero will look, and a brief description on any new abilities that will unlock when they Ascend. You’ll also be shown the cost in Essences that must be paid in order to Ascend that hero. We’ll go over where to obtain Essences from in a bit.”




“Please note that once you’ve Ascended a Hero, their path to glory is adjusted. The only way to improve an Ascended Hero is through Alliance Essence, which is in turn earned through contributing to your Alliance.”

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