Game Guide – Growing your Rift Hunter Company – Hero Fusion

“Welcome back, Commander.”


“So, we’ve gotten you up to speed on the world of Fracture, your place in it, and how you can recruit more heroes for your Rift Hunter Company. Now it’s time to cover how to make those heroes more powerful! Because you’re going to need a powerful team of heroes to explore the ruins furthest from the Spire, after all.”


“Due to the nature of how the Cataclysm affected Fracture, this is handled through a process we like to call Hero Fusion. Through mystical means, you can use less powerful Heroes to power up the stronger ones, improving their abilities and eventually evolve them into even more powerful Heroes!”


“Don’t worry about the weaker Heroes, though. The Fusion process robs them of their essence to power up another Hero, but they don’t feel a thing, so I’m told! And with the Void being all wibbly wobbly, you’ll no doubt acquire doppelgangers in no time at all.”




“Anyway! To start the Fusion process, you’ll need to return to your Rift Hunter Company Base on the Spire, and then visit the Fusion Platform, for Hero Fusion, by tapping on its icon.“



“Like summoning, the Fusion Platform does require a small fee in Gold for its use, for maintenance and upkeep and the like. This cost is entirely dependent on how many heroes are going to be fused into the first. So you select the Hero you want to see improved, and they’ll ascend the platform."



"The next selections you make are the Heroes whose essence you want to use on the first Hero. Once you’ve finalized your selections, you let the process run and the first Hero will be powered up! As you select the Heroes to be fused, you’ll get an estimate of how much that will affect the Hero on the Fusion Platform. The results can never go lower than this estimate, but may be boosted by bonuses! There are bonuses for many factors and combinations, but we’ll leave their discovery up to you, Commander.”

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