Game Guide – Growing your Rift Hunter Company - Summoning

“Welcome back, Commander.”


“So, feel like you need to get some new blood into your ranks? Well to do that, you need to go about seeing who is out in the Void.”


“The Void is that space between all of the various versions of our world that fall through the Rifts, and out there you can find heroes that were lost when Fracture got, well, fractured. And not just from this time and place, either. You’ll find all sorts of heroes needing to be rescued.”




 “And to do that, we use the Summoning Portal, which is powered by Cores. Cores come in different qualities, with each successive quality being able to reach deeper into the Void and summon more powerful Heroes for recruitment. The Summoning Portal can be found in your Base on the Spire, and you just need to tap it to visit it.”



“The Summoning Portal will present you with several different options for summoning. Each successive option summons a more powerful Hero from the Void, and costs a bit more for its use, in addition to the specific Core for that type of summoning. This cost comes in the form of Gold for most summonings, and Gems for others. There’s only one Summoning Portal in all of the Spire available for use and all Rift Hunter Companies are expected to help pay for its maintenance and upkeep and the like, but you know how it is.”



“Anyway! Once you’ve decided on which Core to use to power the portal and paid the administrative fees through a simple tap, the mystical inner workings of the ancient and mysterious device will power up and plumb the depths of the Void for a Hero to join your Rift Hunter Company.”


“The Spire makes no guarantee on the reliability or dependability of the Hero you rescue from the Void. Beyond the quality of the Core you use setting the basic search parameters for the mystical inner workings of the Ancient Portal, everything else is random as to what you get.”


“Now and again, the Summoning Portal may change the types of Cores that it accepts in order to delve deeper into the Void and summon the most powerful heroes. So be sure to check back often to summon up more Heroes to join your Rift Hunter Company!”


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