Gameplay - What is Alliance: Heroes of the Spire?

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire is a game of heroes and villains. It is the story of a world torn apart by disaster, its remaining inhabitants struggling to survive in a land beset by chaos and disorder. It is the story of a new adventurer (that’s YOU!) recruiting allies and plundering ancient ruins for wondrous treasures.


Striking out from the heights of the sprawling city clinging to the towering monolith at the center of the last vestige of stability in a worn torn asunder, you’ll battle your way through decaying cityscapes, savage jungles, and more in your search for lost treasures and mysterious technologies to keep the city going, and to make yourself rich in the process.


Return to the city with your spoils, and use your newfound riches to recruit powerful heroes from the past, present, and future of this broken world! Recruit your own personal army of treasure seekers and fortune hunters, train and equip them to take on the wilds of the world, and set them lose upon all its mysteries.

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