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Guild Raids are now available in KingsRoad, designed to serve as the ultimate challenge for a Guild! Every 30 days (subject to change at this time), a new challenge will be made available to all Guilds in KingsRoad, and it's up to you to lend your might to your Guild to defeat it!


The first step towards meeting this challenge is to earn and collect Guild Raid Keys. Guild Raid Keys are earned for the Guild by its members through Guild Contribution. Any type of Guild Contribution will earn the Guild a Guild Raid Key, be it the free, Gold, or Gem contributions. So be sure to contribute to the Guild each day!


Each Guild may earn a maximum of 7,500 Guild Raid Keys, and no more may be earned once that limit is reached. Guild Raid Keys are also earned for the Guild, and not for individual players, so any Guild Raid Keys earned in a Guild will remain in that Guild even if the individual responsible for contributing them leaves the Guild.


Once a Guild has collected enough Guild Raid Keys, the Guild Raid may be unlocked. Through the Raid tab in the Guild Panel, the Guild's Owner & Officers will be able to purchase a Guild Raid. There will be several tiers of difficulty available for each Guild Raid; for example, the Training difficulty costs 500 Guild Raid Keys to unlock, and has a recommended Power Score of 5,000. The costs & difficulty for each Guild Raid will go up for each subsequent tier of difficulty.


Once a Raid has been activated, all members of the Guild will be able to participate, individually going up against the Guild Raid boss. Entry into a Raid will cost Guild Raid Tokens, and Guild members enter the Raid through the Raid tab on the Guild Panel, once the Raid has been unlocked. All members of a Guild will receive one Guild Raid Token per day, at 00:00 UTC, and more can be purchased with Gems if desired.


Once entering the Raid itself, the point is to deal as much damage to the Raid boss as possible, and to be quick about it. The Raid bosses enrage after a period of time, and will begin dealing out heavy damage to take out the invaders once they have enraged.


Death in a Raid is almost guaranteed, unless the Raid boss has been worked down to the point of final defeat. Guild members are fighting to deal as much damage as possible before the Raid boss enrages and wipes them out.


Once the Raid has ended (by either the attacker or the Raid boss dying), the amount of damage done to the boss will be shown and the attacker will be returned to the Town Hub. Damage dealt by all Guild members in all their Raids counts towards the ultimate goal of defeating the boss and completing the Guild Raid.


While a Guild Raid is in progress, Guild members can check the Raid tab to see how much health the Raid boss has left, and how much time is left to finish taking the Raid boss out. Each Guild Raid will be available for seven days or until the Raid Boss is defeated, whichever comes first. In either case, once the Raid is complete, the Leaderboards will calculate to determine what rewards were earned.


If the Raid boss is successfully defeated, Achievement rewards will also be available in the Guild tab of the Achievement's panel. If a Guild fails to defeat the Raid boss before time is up, then the Guild's Owner or Officers will need to purchase that Guild Raid again for another shot.


Higher levels of difficulty will become available for purchase once the lower levels of Difficulty have been completed & the Raid bosses defeated. Higher levels of difficulty offer greater challenges and greater rewards.


Important Notes:

  • Guild Raid Keys are earned on a per-Guild basis, and may not be transferred from one Guild to another.
  • Guild Raid Tokens are earned on a per-Player basis, and will transfer with the player should they change Guilds.
  • Each Guild Raid will be available for unlocking for 30 days, with new Guild Raids coming after. Guilds need to unlock the Guild Raid, and then will have seven days to defeat the Raid boss
  • Any unlocked, in-progress Guild Raids will still be available should the 30-day availability for a particular Guild Raid, for the duration of the seven day unlock period, but will not be available for repurchase after the 30 day window is up
  • Guild Raids may be unlocked as often as the Guild is able to defeat the Raid boss within the 30 day availability period (barring a 1-hour cooldown after defeating the Raid boss), as long as they have the Guild Raid Keys required to purchase the unlock
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