Gameplay - Making your mark on Fracture

“Welcome back, Rift Hunter.”


“Now you’ve gotten the basics down on what you’ll be doing here in Fracture and how you can build up your Rift Hunter Company’s teams of heroes. Next we’ve got to touch on how you’re going to be doing it!’




“What? Airships are our majestic, ancient bastions of aerial superiority over the wreckage of what used to pass for civilization on our world. Okay, yes, your first Airship has probably seen better days, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?”


“Plus I’d like to see you take a horse and wagon out there where you never know if the road you are traveling on is going to collapse back into the Void before you get over the next hill!”


“Anyway, as I was saying, you’ll be striking out from the Spire on your fleet of Airships, descending upon the outlying Regions and what the Rifts spew out of the Void to find lost relics of our past, present, and future to bring back for riches and glory on the Spire.”


“Your airship can be used to deploy your team to an outlying Region where you will singlehandedly lead them on their exploration of the Region, the general to their squadron, directing them in glorious battle against the beasties that crawl out of the cracks!’



“Just select which Region you want to explore via the Map, and you’ll be given a choice of landing zones. This includes a breakdown on the types of enemies you should expect to face, and their power level. That scouting report will help you decide on which heroes to take along as you explore that area.”


“Or if you don’t have the time to leave the Spire, you can use an airship to deploy a team out to one of those Regions to fight on their own, or to explore a Rift if one has surfaced out of the Void. Just as you would when you are exploring with your team, you select the Rift you want explored from the Map, and have a gander at the scouting report.”


“This time the scouting report will include how long it will take your team to fight their way through the Region or Rift once they’ve started, to give you an idea of how long they’ll be gone.”




“Once your team has completed their exploration, the Airship will be waiting for your recall signal to return to the Spire. Then you’ll get a battle report, detailing out the spoils they recovered and any power increases your team might have earned.”


“Each new Rift Hunter Company will be provided with a single Airship to get them started, and can earn more as they grow in strength and power! But a single Airship can only support one team at a time, and has to remain on station while that team is deployed.”


“This means that if you want to deploy more than one team out to the field at a time, then you will need more than one Airship.”


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