Game Guide - Surviving in the world of Fracture - Exploring Zones for Fun & Profit

“Welcome back, Rift Hunter.”


“Hmm? We call you and your lot Rift Hunters because that’s what you do. You ‘hunt’ through the ‘rifts’ to find anything of value to bring back to the Spire. It works out well; the Spire gets more resources to keep this sprawling city going, and Rift Hunters get rewarded based on their finds. Some finds are going to be worth more than others, though, so obviously different Rift Hunter companies are going to be out there competing to find the richest rewards.”


“You’ve got your Airship, right? That’s how you get out there and salvage, with your Airship. Your airship, as ramshackled as it is, will take you out into the surrounding regions and whatever Rifts open up, allowing you and your team to get in there, find anything worth salvaging from the newest ruined city, frozen wasteland, or high tech crystalline towers to have dropped out of the Void. Then get out with the spoils and bring it back to the Spire for Honor and Glory. And a payday, because we need those to keep the Airship going and to rescue more heroes out of the Void. We keep flying, we keep recruiting, and we keep salvaging, and we’ll be at the top of the Spire in no time. Because that’s where the top Rift Hunter Companies end up, on top.”




“To do that, we need to explore the Zones that remain in Fracture. When you are on the World Map, you’ll have access to a number of different Zones. The Zones you’ll have access to is limited at the beginning of your adventures, but expands as you progress deeper into the mysteries of Fracture. To explore a Zone, simply tap it.”




“Each Zone will be broken up into its own sub-Zones, with each sub-Zone needing to be cleared before the Zone itself is considered clear. This will show you the kinds of enemies that one can expect to face in the selected sub-Zone, along with their levels and elements. It will also show you the energy cost to fight, and the difficulty.”


“You can change your difficulty through the provided dropdown. Please note that higher difficulties will be locked until you clear out sub-Zones on the previous difficulty.”




“Once you’ve decided with sub-Zone to investigate, just tap on it. The next step of the process you will need to complete is assigning the Team that will investigate the select sub-Zone. You may select four Heroes to send off as a team, or you may select a team that has already been saved. You can also save the current selection of Heroes as a Team to be called on in the future, to speed up explorations.”


“From here you can also review what rewards are available from the selected sub-Zone by tapping the Item Drops option.”


“Once you’ve finalized your choices, you tap to send your Team out into battle!”




“Once you’ve deployed a Team, they will investigate the sub-Zone and fight their way through the beasties that inhabit it, with you monitoring the situation and issuing commands. Huh, I guess that makes you the Commander, doesn’t it?”


“Anyway! Combat in Fracture is really a civilized affair, with each participant waiting their turn to act. Gone are the days of wild, uninhibited fighting, with everybody piling in all at the same time. Now all those involved have plenty of opportunity to think out their course of action before decided to pursue it.”



“Once you’ve evaluated the situation, you need to issue out your commands. All Heroes will have three Skills, but one or more of them may be locked until the hero becomes more powerful. Any available Skills will be lit up and free to be selected when it is their turn in contact. So just tap to select a Skill, their target (which could be an enemy or a teammate, depending on the Skill), and watch your hero go to work!”



“As Commander, you also have the ability to give your Team carte blanche to operate as they see necessary. Tapping the Autoplay button will enable the Autoplay mode, and free your Heroes to act on their own. We also have the ability to speed up a battle, through the wonders of what remains of Fracture. Just tap on the Speed UP button to seed up time. Note that the Speed Up button can only be used in conjunction with Auto Play. Finally, if you are finding the fight to be just too difficult to conquer, you can tap the flee button to escape the battle. Your Team won’t win any rewards for escaping or for being defeated on an investigation, but at times retreat can be the better form of valor.”



“Once your Team has successfully cleared out the sub-Zone, you’ll be shown the results panel, which details out how much experience each member of the Team has earned, as well as any goodies they were able to recover.”



“You’ll also have the Auto-Battle option available to you when selecting your Team, if you are sending them off to explore a Zone that has already been cleared once. This option sends the Team out on their own to battle their way through the sub-Zone, doing so without your direct control. You can decide how many battles the team will fight on their own, and will be shown how much energy that will spent to do so.”



“Once you send your Team off to battle on their own, you’ll switch to the Battle Report, which shows you how they are doing. As each Battle completes, you’ll be shown the spoils they’ve found. Once all battles have completed, the Team is available for recall. You do not have to remain on the Battle Report during this time; just click the big X in corner to exit out! Your Team will keep fighting, and you'll be notified when they are all done!”




“To the winner goes the spoils, as the saying goes. If you don’t win, well, that’s something that can be solved by rescuing stronger heroes out of the Void and powering your Heroes up. How do we rescue heroes out of the Void? Now that is an explanation best left for another day.”


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