Technical - "Updated Required" Error Message

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire is a server-based game that is updated with new content on a regular basis, as opposed to those titles that are static stand-alone experiences. This means that in order to continue playing Alliance: Heroes of the Spire, the player must keep their app up-to-date. Out-of-date apps will not be allowed to connect to the Alliance: Heroes of the Spire servers, and will therefore be unable to play the game. Alliance: Heroes of the Spire does not support any form of ‘offline play.’

If you receive an error message that an update is required, then you will need to manually update the app on your device. The newest version of Alliance: Heroes of the Spire for your region will be available for download from iOS and Android as they are released.

Please be sure to follow all appropriate instructions for upgrading apps on your device of choice. Please remember that while Rumble is responsible for releasing the newest version of Alliance: Heroes of the Spire once it has been approved, Apple and Google are responsible for making it available to each region, and some regions may take longer than others.

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