PSA - Collecting Gold Bars from Achievements

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It's come to our attention that some players are experiencing some confusion when attempting to collect the rewards from certain Achievements when said rewards are Gold Bars. What they are seeing is that they click the "Collect" button and it cycles through as if you are collecting it, but the Gold Bars are not adding to your account and the Achievement remains, waiting to be collected.


Please note that Gold Bars have a limit of no more than 20 in your Inventory at any given time. As with any limit on currencies, you cannot go over this limit by means of any free source, such as Achievement rewards. So for those affected players, you cannot collect those Gold Bars from the Achievements because in doing so, you would go over the limit of 20 which is not allowed.


Once your current balance of Gold Bars is low enough where the rewards from the Achievement will not put you over, you'll be able to collect them. Proper error messages will be coming in the next client release for KingsRoad to address this, but for now simply ensure that you are well below the limit before trying to collect those rewards.


Keep in mind that the Gold Bars are intended by the game team to be used on a regular basis, and are not an item that we've intended to see hoarded by the players. This is why the limit on Gold Bars is so low when compared to other currencies.




-Rumble Player Support

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