Advanced Gameplay - Battle Wings

What It Is

Battle Wings are a new way for players to both improve their hero's capabilities in Battle, and to stand out in a crowd!


How It Works
Your Battle Wings are a new way to improve your hero's capabilities and appearance. You start out with a set of tiny wings, and through perseverance in the Battle Coliseum you'll earn yourself a set of glorious wings, with a power to match.


Please Note: The Battle Coliseum is available to players playing on a class at level 20 or higher.


As you fight in the Battle Coliseum, you will earn the Power Crests and Appearance Tokens necessary to improve your Battle Wings. Power Crests count towards improving the bonuses that your wings provide, whereas Appearance Tokens are counted towards the growth of the wings themselves.

Power Crests are earned by playing in the Battle Coliseum and Appearance Tokens will be added as rewards to our daily PVP Leaderboards, and are earned by ranking on those Leaderboards.

To start upgrading your Battle Wings, open the Battle Wings panel by one of three ways:

  • Pressing the hotkey "A"
  • Choosing the Battle Wings tab on the Character Panel
  • Clicking the Battle Wings button on the PVP Menu

This will open up the Battle Wings panel, where you can work to improve your wings!

To level up your Wings, click to contribute either Power or Appearance Tokens towards the requirements to level. Leveling up your Battle Wings' power will improve the bonuses they grant to your hero, with improvements at every level. Leveling up your Battle Wings' appearance counts towards unlocking grander styles for your wings.

There are several tiers of wings available, with each tier requiring a higher level in both Power and Appearance.


We also have plans to add different looks for Battle Wings in the future, so stay tuned!

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