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Rumble Games is always looking towards the future of KingsRoad, and part of this is preparing to release a version of KingsRoad for tablet devices. As a part of this preparation, we will make the next version of KingsRoad available in advance to certain regions. This allows us time to monitor the next version of KingsRoad under release circumstances and give us time to make changes or fix bugs. During this time, we are also submitting the next version of KingsRoad for iOS, as releases on iOS require a lead time to allow for Apple to review the submission. This submission process can take up to a week to approve game updates for release, and in order to maintain parity between the web and tablet versions of KingsRoad, test regions are necessary.


During this time, players in test regions (Turkey, Romania, Brazil, and the Philippines) will be on a different game version, and will not be able to form parties with players outside of these test regions. In order to form parties in KingsRoad, the players all must be playing on the same version of the game. Players in these test regions will be able to form parties amongst themselves, but until the release has gone out to all regions they will be unable to form parties with players outside of the test regions. 


To determine what version of KingsRoad you are currently playing, please check the login screen. Near the bottom, beneath the 'READ PATCH NOTES' button, the Version number will be displayed in this format: Version: X.X.X

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