Technical - Changing Graphical Settings

KingsRoad is a graphically ambitious title, and at times you might find that you may need to scale back what quality of graphics you are experiencing to better enhance your gaming experience. This is certainly possible!


Graphical settings in KingsRoad are managed through the Options dropdown (the gear icon) on the same bar as your Gem and Gold balances. To begin, simply click on the dropdown.


Graphics Quality options will be the first choice available to you. By clicking the Graphics Quality icon, you can cycle through the graphical settings supported by your hardware. There are four options possible, but the availability of each option is ultimately dependent on your hardware. These start at Low, and proceed through Medium, Hi, and Ultra, in that order.


As noted above, the graphic quality options presented to you are dependent on your current hardware, as KingsRoad detects your hardware and bases your choices on that. If you only have Low, Medium, and Hi as choices, then your hardware cannot support KingsRoad on the Ultra graphics quality. If your hardware can only support the lowest graphic quality available, then you will have no choices available.


If your current hardware does not support the graphic quality you are looking for, Rumble Player Support can only recommend that you switch to a system that can support the graphic quality you are looking for, or upgrade the hardware in your current system.

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