FAQ - Bug Report Guidelines

Wherever you submit your bug, it's important to provide us with specific, detailed information. We need to be able to reproduce the bug on our end in order to fix it. That's why we ask that whenever you submit a bug, include the following information:

Brief Description:
Browser (including version information):
Operating System (including version information):
Reproduction Steps:

Check out the example below to see how this looks in practice. Thanks for your help!

Description: "Too hot" error message appears when Goldilocks tries first porridge.
Browser: Chrome Version 19.0.1084.46
Operating System: OS X 10.7.4
Details: When Goldilocks tries the first porridge inside the cottage of the three bears, an error message appears saying the porridge is too hot.
Frequency: Always
Reproduction Steps:
1. Go into the cottage of the three bears.
2. Click on the first porridge.
3. Error message appears saying the porridge is too hot.

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