Technical - Slowdown, Input Latency, Lag Issues

Some players reach out to Rumble Player Support to seek help for performance issues, such as input lag (delays between the player starting an action and the action happening in-game), slowdown (where the gameplay is sluggish, as if playing in 'slow motion') and other such issues. Our Engineers and Developers continue to focus on making the KingsRoad experience the best it can be.

While some solutions to these types of problems will need to be handled by Rumble Games, players can take some steps to mitigate the problems on their side. Below are some tips and advice that may be beneficial to you.

While we are working on long-term solutions, this article will be updated with tips and advice that may be beneficial to our players.

1) For players on low-end Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines, disabling the Windows Aero feature can help improve performance.

  • Disabling Aero
    • Windows 7
      • Choose Start -> Control Panel -> Personalization
      • Select any theme under the Basic And High Contrast Themes category
    • Windows Vista
      • Choose Start > Control Panel
      • In the Appearance and Personalization section, click Customize Color
      • Click 'Open Classic Appearance Properties For More Color Options'
      • Select a Color Scheme other than Windows Aero, and then click OK

2) We also recommend trying different browsers, as different browsers will vary in performance, depending on your hardware setup. For a list of supported browsers, please refer to the Knowledge Base article linked below:

3) We also recommend closing any other browser windows and/or tabs while playing KingsRoad. Having multiple browser windows and/or tabs open can degrade performance, as it takes system resources from KingsRoad. If possible, you should also disable any browser add-ons. They can often conflict with KingsRoad game performance.

4) Some players will find that disabling some options will improve performance. The options panel can be found by clicking the 'Gear' Icon in KingsRoad. Try experimenting to determine the best settings for your particular setup:

  • When applicable, turn the Graphics Quality down to a lower setting
  • KingsRoad will automatically recognize the capabilities, and provide you with the settings your current setup can handle. You may see fewer settings than others.
  • Try disabling Damage Numbers and/or Enemy Life Bars by unchecking those options

5) Shutting down other applications while playing KingsRoad may improve your experience, as it frees up system resources and bandwidth for the game to use. Closing out other processes such as Spotify or Youtube frees up the resources that KingsRoad could be using to run smoother.

Please keep an eye on this article for further updates and tips on performance improvement.

-Rumble Player Support

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