Technical - Error received: "Unsupported Hardware"

To run KingsRoad, your computer must be able to run Adobe Flash 12. Minimum technical specifications for Flash 11.8 can be found here.

KingsRoad also takes advantage of Flash 12's Stage3D feature. Chipsets unsupported by Stage3D can be found here. If your computer cannot use Stage3D, you will unfortunately be unable to play KingsRoad.

Recommended specs:

To run KingsRoad optimally, we recommend using:

- Adobe Flash 12
- Browsers: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 22, Safari 6, Chrome 28
- Operating System: Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.7

If you've been able to play KingsRoad in the past, then suddenly receive this message:

Occasionally, browser manufacturers update their supported drivers for the custom versions of Flash bundled with the browser. To attempt to resolve the issue, we recommend:
- Updating your graphics driver (click here for instructions)
- Chrome only: Disabling PepperFlash (click here for instructions)
- Refreshing your browser window
- If none of the above work: Use a different browser to play KingsRoad.


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