Advanced Gameplay - Skill Runes

Growing tired of simply Maiming your enemies? Sending your Decoy out as a shiny distraction? Hurling plain old Fireballs at your foes relentlessly?

Worry not, dear heroes, for Skill Runes are here! I hear you asking, "What the heck is a Skill Rune?" Skill Runes provide you with ways to customize your current set of skills, giving them new effects, changing how their damage is dealt, or just plain making them hit harder.

"Fine, fine. Just tell me how to use these things! I crave power!"

Good! Let's go over their collection and use. If you've ever used, fused, or evolved an item, you'll find that Skill Runes work in a similar fashion.

Step 1: Collect Skill Rune Fragments

You'll find Skill Rune Fragments offered as rewards for different activities. They are generally offered as rewards from Festival Achievements and Arenas.


Step 2: Trade Skill Rune Fragments in for Skill Runes

Check the shop under Boosts > Skill Runes.

Your Skill Rune Fragments act as your "currency". Trade them in for a Skill Rune once you've collected enough.


Note: Skill Rune Fragments, since they are inventory items, can only be spent when they are in your Inventory. Skill Rune Fragments stored in the Vault cannot be spent until they are moved to your Inventory.


Step 3: Equip your Skill Runes

When you open your inventory, you'll find a fourth tab now for your equipped items -- this is the tab where you'll equip your Skill Runes. Click any Skill Rune in your inventory to equip it, just like you would with any item. The icon for your affected skill(s) will change on this tab as well as on your skill bar (if you have the skill on the skill bar, that is).


Step 4: Fusing and Evolving

Fusion and Evolution take place at the Forge. Speak to Magnus to perform either. Fuse Skill Runes with other Skill Runes to level them up!

You may also find Fusion Runes as rewards from various activities and achievements as you play. Use them for a large boost in experience!


Once you have a level 10 Skill Rune, it's time to evolve it! You will need a second Skill Rune of the same type and quality as the Rune you want to evolve. Some Skill Runes currently require this second Skill Rune to be level 1, and some require the second Skill Rune to be level 10.

The easiest way to check what you require is to place your level 10 Skill Rune into the forge and then hover over (tap on mobile) the required second Skill Rune.


Step 5: Crush ALL the Evil!

Get onto a map and play with your newly altered skills.

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