Advanced Gameplay - Item Fusion

Magnus the Blacksmith has expanded his offerings, and now allows players the opportunity to improve their items through Item Fusion and Item Evolution. These services are available when speaking to Magnus, and allow you to work to improve the stats of your Equipment, Appearance Items, and Trinkets.


Gear now has two stats which are improved through the use of Item Fusion and Item Evolution, called XP and Star Level. XP is increased by sacrificing unwanted gear, and Star Level is increased through Item Evolution. Item Evolution is what allows you to increase the stats of your items, with Item Fusion being the requirement to do so.


Unlike Item Forging, Item Fusion is not based on the quality of an item. Any unwanted gear can be used to increase an item's XP. You may sacrifice a stack of unwanted Legendary-quality items to add XP to a particularly useful Good-quality item, or vice versa. Simply select the item you wish to improve, and then the unwanted gear you want to sacrifice.

Important Note: Equipped gear will not appear in the sacrifice panel, to prevent accidental sacrifice, but it can be selected as gear to improve.

Another Important Note: Should you have multiple pieces of gear that you wish to improve through Item Fusion, you will need to remove the first item from the center slot before selecting the second item. Otherwise the second item will be selected as unwanted gear to sacrifice, and that action is permanent.


Once an item has reached the MAX LEVEL of XP for its current Star Level, it can be evolved through Item Evolution. Simply select the MAX LEVEL item you wish to improve, and you will see the costs in Evolution Materials to do so. If you do not have the Evolution Materials available, you can opt to purchase them for Gems, or you can go out in the world and earn them through gameplay. Once you have sufficient Evolution Materials to evolve an item, you can evolve it up to the next Star Level, which will improve its stats.

Important Note: Please note that Evolution Materials will be offered for Gems if you do not have sufficient quantities available to evolve an item, by design. Please pay attention when clicking, to prevent unintentional purchases.


Not all items will be fusible, but only fusible items will have XP and Star Level stats. All items can be sacrificed towards improving fusible items, though.

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