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Events in KingsRoad are special missions that are only available for a week, and offer greater challenges for all heroes in Alderstone. They will involve the return of an old enemy out for revenge, or a new threat to the kingdom, and it is up to the heroes to defeat them. Events are available from 00:01 UTC on Thursday until 23:59 UTC the following Wednesday, and give the hero the opportunity to take on new challenges and earn new rewards, such as brand new Item Sets, hard-to-find Jewels or Evolution Materials, or special Appearance Items.


The Event available each week will consist of four missions telling the same story, providing a challenge for heroes based on their Power Score. Each of the four missions will provide a different quality and/or quantity of rewards, with the best rewards being available from the Platinum tier mission. When equipment is the reward for the Event, the Platinum mission will be the only place to find Mythic quality rewards, which possess the best stats available in Events.


Concurrent to the Event available each week, a special Leaderboard event will be taking place as well. For heroes who are part of a Guild, each eligible completion of the missions available for that week's event, points will be earned that will be accrued toward the Guild's event score, with special rewards available to the members of the Guilds that score the most points. A fixed total of points is earned per player for every eligible completion, and that fixed total can be improved by using special Radiant Jewels.


Event Missions require Event Tokens in order for a hero to start the event. Event Tokens can be obtained from complimentary Lockboxes offered on a regular schedule during the course of the event, from Lockboxes available for purchase in the Shop, and as individual (or packaged) purchases, also in the Shop. Event Token Lockboxes can be purchased from the Shop for Gold or Gems, and Event Tokens can be purchased individually or in packages for Gems from the Shop.


If a hero joins a party that has already started an Event Mission, they will be prompted upon joining the Event Map whether or not they wish to pay the entry fee; paying the entry fee is not required to take part in the event, but is required to be eligible for rewards.


In order to be eligible to receive points and rewards for the completion of an Event Mission, the hero must meet these requirements:
1) Be playing a class of at least the minimum Power Score that the mission is intended for
2) Pay the event currency entry fee
3) Successfully complete the event


Failure to meet any of those requirements will result in no rewards or points received when the hero returns to the Town Hub. Players who are eligible to receive rewards will receive a "QUEST COMPLETE!" pop-up when they return to the Town Hub from the Event, and clicking/tapping through will generate the rewards for the Tier of difficulty they just finished.


Once the event for the week has been completed, Leaderboard Rewards will be issued out to eligible players through the Rewards tab of the Leaderboard panel.

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