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Savra the Alchemist will begun to offer her services in the art of Enchanting, once your hero has progressed far enough into the initial storyline. Enchanting allows you to better equip your hero for the challenges he will face, by socketing special Jewels in pieces of equipment. These Jewels will offer a variety of stat benefits, benefits that vary based on the type of Jewel used.


Savra offers four services related to Enchanting, and their usage will be detailed below.


Socketing allows Savra to affix Jewels to pieces of equipment, giving the equipment stat benefits such as added damage to enemies and reduced damage from enemies. By selecting the Socketing option from the Enchanting panel, you can then select the piece of equipment you wish to modify.

Once a piece of equipment has been selected, the Enchanting panel will show the number and types of sockets available for that particular piece of equipment. The number and types of sockets available to a piece of equipment are random, and can different between two pieces of otherwise identical equipment. You may also remove all Jewels from their sockets on this screen, for a cost in Gold.

Jewels come in four different shapes: Tristones, Spheres, Radiants, and Crescents. Each type of Jewel can only be socketed into a socket of the matching shape; you cannot socket a Tristone into a socket intended for a Radiant. Not all types of Sockets will be available on all types of equipment.

Once you have selected the piece of equipment you wish to socket, simply select the Jewels you wish to socket, and click the Socket button to proceed. Socketing Jewels to a piece of equipment is funded in Gold, with the amount displayed once Jewels for socketing have been selected.

Please Note: If you wish to replace the Jewels already socketed into an item while keeping those Jewels, you will need to first remove all the Jewels socketed to an item. Dragging a Jewel into a socket already filled with an existing Jewel will destroy the existing Jewel. This is non-reversible if the new Jewel is socketed over an old Jewel.


Fusion allows you to take an existing Jewel and level it up, increase its effect in return for sacrificing Jewels that you would otherwise not use. Fusion can be used to increase the potential of Tristones, Radiants, Spheres, Crescents, and special Prisms. Prisms are a special type of Jewel that can only be used as sacrifice in Fusion, and have no other use.

Once you have selected the Fusion option, simply select the Jewel you wish to Fuse from the inventory panel. You may then select up to six other Jewels to sacrifice. The Jewels sacrificed will be destroyed, and the Jewel selected for fusion will have its XP increased. Fusion is funded in Gold, with the amount displayed once Jewels for sacrifice have been selected.

Jewels can also be evolved, but you may only evolve Jewels that are at the MAX LEVEL.

Please Note: Jewels selected for sacrifice are destroyed, and this is a non-reversible process once the FUSE button is selected. Please be sure to review your selections before proceeding with Jewel Fusion.


Evolution allows you to upgrade a MAX LEVEL Jewel up to the next level in quality. This increases the maximum potential of the Jewel's benefits. Evolution is funded in Gold, but also requires Evolution Materials in order to proceed. Evolution Materials can be found as drops in the game, and may also be purchased for Gems.

Once you have selected the Evolution option, you may then select from the Jewels in your inventory. The Enchanting panel will then display what types of Evolution Materials are required for evolution of the selected Jewel and the number of each type of Evolution Materials required (the number on the left is the total available on the account, the number on the right is how many of that type of Evolution Material is required). If you have sufficient qualities of the required Evolution Materials, you will be able to evolve that MAX LEVEL Jewel up to a level 1 of the next highest quality.


Re-socketing allows you to change the socket pattern of a piece of equipment. This will randomly reassign the number and types of sockets for that piece of equipment. Doing so while Jewels are already socketed into the selected piece of equipment will destroy all Jewels currently socketed, and this cannot be reversed. Re-socketing itself cannot be reversed; doing so will permanently change the socket pattern of an item.

Re-socketing a piece of equipment is funded in Gems, and has no other requirements.

Please Note: Re-socketing is a random process, and there is no way to guarantee what socket pattern will be received, nor can we guarantee that players will receive the pattern they desire.



Please Note: Fusion, Evolution, and Re-socketing all have the possibility to give a random critical success. This can result in a fused Jewel receiving more XP than it would have normally received for the Jewels sacrificed (receiving 1,000 XP instead of 100 XP, for example), or a Jewel to evolve into a higher quality than expected (evolving to an Epic Jewel instead of a Superior Jewel, for example).

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