Intermediate Gameplay - Creating a Guild

Looking to create your own guild? This FAQ will go over the basics of creating and mantaining your guild. Enjoy!



First, click the Guild shield icon in upper left menu.

If you haven't yet created a guild, the initial guild menu will show you a preview of what guilds offer.

Once you've started the guild creation process, it's time to select an emblem. New emblems will be added in coming weeks!

Next it's time to create your guild name and motto. Make sure you name yourself something suitably epic! Note that once you create your guild name, you won't be able to change it, so choose wisely.


Now your guild has been created! The default tab is the "Info" tab, where you can view:


Guild Level: As you and your guild members earn GP by defeating enemies, you'll also increase your guild level, which give all members of your guild permanent stat bonuses. (More on guild levels and rewards below.)
Motto: This field can only be set by the guild owner and should reflect the spirit of your guild.
Message of the Day: This can be edited by the guild owner as well as guild officers. Use it to update your guildmates on the latest guild news.
Guild Ranking: This is the ranking of your guild compared to other guilds. Click the "Top 100" tab for more information on your guild's ranking.
Daily Guild GP: This displays the amount of guild points (GP) you've earned for your guild today. GP are equivalent to XP earned by your character. The amount is capped at 25,000 GP daily. If you want, you can also purchase your allotment of GP for the day with gems.
Next Reward: This shows progress toward the next permanent stat bonus for your guild.
Emblem Customization: Here you can view and change your guild's emblem.


The members tab displays information about all of the people in your guild -- their name, level, rank (owner, officer, member), online status, daily GP contribution, and score (a cumulative total of GP earned while in the guild). You can sort by any of these columns by clicking on the labels. Click on any guild member to: remove them from the guild, make them the guild owner, make them a guild officer (or demote them if they're already an officer), or chat. The guild membership levels are:


Owner: The guild owner can modify the guild motto, create a message of the day, change the guild emblem, promote members to officers, demote officers to members, transfer ownership to another member, invite new members, and accept or deny prospective invites.
Officer: Guild officers can create a message of the day, promote members to officers, invite new members, and accept or deny prospective invites.
Member: Guild members can participate in the guild but not make any administrative changes to it.


The rewards tab displays information about the guild rewards you've unlocked. Every time you or a member of your guild kills an enemy, you earn GP that contributes to the guild level. Whenever the guild reaches a new level, a permanent stat boost is unlocked.


The Top 100 tab displays the global guilds leaderboard, ranking your guild against other guilds. Your score is the cumulative total of guild GP earned by all players in your guild. Note that for leaderboard purposes, there is no cap on daily GP.


The invites tab displays players who have requested to join your guild, if you've made your guild public. (If you click the "private" button, this tab will be empty.) You can accept or deny any invite request, and chat with the player if they are online. Note that both the guild owner and guild officers can accept or deny any invites.


You can also invite new players to the guild yourself. To invite a new player to your guild, find them in your friends list and click them to open the contextual menu (you can invite both online and offline friends). Then select "Invite to Guild." Once they've accepted the invite, they'll be a full-fledged member of your guild! Both the guild owner and guild officers can invite players to the guild.

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