Intermediate Gameplay - The Shop

As the newly minted hero starts their journey through Alderstone, they will come across villagers who have been captured by the ruffians running wild through the countryside. As more villagers are rescued, their services become available in the Town Hub. The first villager rescued is Lorian, who opens up the Shop. The Shop is accessible by speaking to Lorian in the Town Hub or by clicking the SHOP button in your Skill Bar. Doing so opens the Shop Panel, starting with the Featured Tab.


The Featured Tab will list the latest bundle discounts and daily deals, along with the current best-selling items. Any free items will also be available on the Featured Tab.


The next tab is the Loot Tab, and under this tab you will find subsections for Events, Lockboxes, Chests, Appearance Items, and Skins.


The Boosts Tab will allow you to purchase Potions, Food & Ale, Enchanting materials, and extra Storage slots.


Skill Points and extra Gold are available under the Currency Tab.

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