Basic Gameplay - The Hero's Journey

Your journey through KingsRoad will take adventurers from taking on simple bandits in the woods to taking down the greatest evil that Alderstone has ever known. This challenge comes in three flavors of difficulty.


Normal Mode:
This is the first mode that becomes available, and the easiest of the three difficulties. There are fewer enemies, they are in general weaker, and the loot will be less and of a lower quality. Playing through all maps and completing all the quests in Normal Mode will unlock Heroic Mode, Dungeons, and the Superior Forge option with Magnus.


Heroic Mode:
This is the second mode that becomes available, and the challenge is greater than that in Normal Mode. There will be more enemies, and you will start to see more loot drop of a higher quality than what is seen in Normal Mode. Playing through all maps and completing all quests in Heroic Mode will unlock Champion Mode, and the Epic Forge option with Magnus.


Champion Mode:
This is the third mode that becomes available, and the most challenging of all. There will be more enemies in the maps, and they will be stronger and deadlier. Loot of the highest quality available outside of Events can be found in Champion mode. Playing through all maps and completing all quests in Champion Mode will unlock the Legendary Forge option with Magnus.


With all challenges comes a chance at failure. All maps through all three modes will have a limit as to how many times the character or party can die (when in a party, the limit is the combined total of deaths for all players) before the map is considered a failure. In the case of failure, there is the option to either accept the failure and return to the Town Hub of Alderstone, or to pay a small price in Gems to continue on.


Failure in any map, or abandoning a map before it is completed will result in the forfeiture of any completion rewards, as well as any entry fees paid to enter that map.

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