Basic Gameplay - Gold & Gems

Money makes the world go round, as the saying goes, and Alderstone has two different types of currency that you can spend to help and improve your characters. These are known as Gold and Gems.


Gold is the more common currency that one will see while campaigning through Alderstone. It will drop from enemies and destructible objects that are found throughout the game. Gold is used for the general purchases: food and drink, forging better items, fusing and upgrading jewels in the enchanting menu, exploring dungeons, and more.


Gems are the premium currency used in Alderstone. Gems can be earned through gameplay as rewards for certain quests, rewards from certain Lockboxes, and rewards for completing certain Achievements. Gems are used to gain instant access to anything you need in KingsRoad: lockboxes, new item sockets, potions and boosts, and more.


Gems may also be purchased using real currency; simply click on the Add Gems button to begin this process. Gold may also be purchased using Gems.

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