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Do you have problems seeing more than a tiny window into Alderstone? Are all of the buttons and UI elements crowded together, blocking your view of the game? Does your KingsRoad experience look similar to this screenshot?



If so, then you are playing on a low desktop resolution. Desktop resolution is the measure of how many pixels can be displayed on the monitor, and therefore how much real estate you have to work with. Higher desktop resolutions allow for more pixels horizontally and vertically, allowing for more real estate in the same space. KingsRoad is designed to function at a minimum vertical resolution of 768 pixels (generally this resolution is 1024 x 768 on most systems), and playing at a lower resolution can cause difficulties, especially with certain pop-up windows in-game.


The first recommendation is to increase your desktop resolution. Please refer to the documentation that came with your Operating System for instructions on how to do so, as the steps to alter desktop resolution can differ from OS to OS.


If you are unable to increase your desktop resolution, then we recommend you play KingsRoad in Fullscreen Mode. This will allow for an increased field of view, by allowing KingsRoad to play above all other elements of your browser that would otherwise take up space (such as toolbars, ads, etc).


To activate Fullscreen Mode, click on the Fullscreen button, located to the left of the Options gear. This is highlighted in the screenshot below:



Once KingsRoad has loaded into Fullscreen Mode, you may be prompted to allow the game to have access to your keyboard. Click on the Allow button in order to be able to use keyboard shortcuts while in Fullscreen Mode.



And that's it! KingsRoad will be playing in Fullscreen Mode, and you will have a bit more real estate to play in.



Please note that you will need to re-enter Fullscreen Mode each time KingsRoad is loaded up. This is not a permanent option. Please also note that some dialog windows, such as the one for purchasing Gems, cannot be displayed in Fullscreen Mode due to being a separate element from KingsRoad itself, and will exit you from Fullscreen Mode if entered.

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