Intermediate Gameplay - Friends Lists

As the hero progresses further in the story and meets greater challenges, it may become necessary to form a party to take on the challenges faced. Parties can be formed at random using the FIND PARTY button, or they may be formed by inviting friends to join. In order to invite friends into a party when they are already travelling on their own in KingsRoad, they need to be added to the Friends List.


The Friends List is opened by clicking the Friends List icon. Once opened, this list will show everyone in your Friends List, as well as whether or not they are online. If you wish to party with an online Friend, simply select their name in the list and then select the Invite button. They will be sent an invite to join your Party, if they are not already in a Party of their own.


To add existing KingsRoad players to the Friends List, select the Add a Friend button at the bottom of the list. A pop-up window will then prompt you to enter the individual's Rumble ID (anyone can find their Rumble ID by logging into the game, clicking their profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen, and selecting "Edit Info"). Once entered, that individual will receive a Friend Request, and must accept this request in order to be added to the Friend List.


If the friend has yet to start playing KingsRoad, an invite into the game can be sent by clicking the Invite Friends button at the bottom of the Friends List. Simply provide their email address, and they will receive an email urging them to join you in playing KingsRoad. Please note that this will not add them to your Friends List, and that must be done as described above once they begin playing.

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