Basic Gameplay - Selling & Trashing Items

Adventuring through Alderstone will fill a warrior's backpack plenty of loot, ultimately far more than they can actually use. This extra loot can be disposed of in one of two ways.


Extra items can be sold while you are in the Town Hub, by opening up the Inventory screen and clicking the 'SELL' button. This will shift the Inventory panel to the Sell screen, allowing you to choose what items to sell off. You will receive Gold for most items, and Gems for some; this is listed on the tool tip for each item when you hover over them.


Common and Good quality items will be sold automatically as soon as they are clicked, but any items of Fine quality and higher will be sold after a confirmation dialog is accepted.


If you cannot make it to the Town Hub, items can also be trashed in a similar fashion, while playing on any map. Opening the Inventory screen and clicking the 'TRASH' button will shift the Inventory panel to the trash screen, which works similar to the Sell screen. The difference is that you will not receive Gold or Gems for trashing items.


Important Points to Remember:

  • Once an item has been sold or trashed, it is permanently removed from the game. Any sale or trashing of an item is non-reversible.
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