Basic Gameplay - Items Sets & Appearance Items

As you adventure through Alderstone and progress on to the challenging Dungeons (available after the completion of Normal Mode), you will begin to receive rewards from something called Item Sets. Item Sets are a collection of items that grant special bonuses if worn together. Item Sets can range from two rings and a necklace, to a full set of eight pieces of gear (Helmet, Shoulders, Chest, Cape, Gloves, Boots, Main-Hand Weapon and Off-Hand Item) and any combination in between. The bonuses from an Item Set are only available while the required pieces of the set are equipped.


Appearance Items are another piece of gear that will be found as your adventure through Alderstone continues. Appearance Items add stat buffs to your character and also change the visual look of your character. Don't like that sword, but love the set bonus? Equip the Axe Appearance Item, and swing around a massive battle axe. At this time, Appearance Items are available as rewards from Special Events, or they can be purchased for a limited time from the Shop.


Please Note: For Knights who utilize the Dual Wield Skill, it is not possible to equip two Appearance weapons, as the Dual Wield Skill only applies to Equipment weaponry. You may deactivate the Appearance items to retain the look of your two favored Swords while keeping the stat bonuses from the Appearance items if you wish.

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