Basic Gameplay - Collecting Loot & Equipping Items

One way that your character becomes stronger is by acquiring better equipment. As you fight through Alderstone, the enemies you vanquish will drop Gold, Equipment, Jewels, Food, and mini Elixirs, among other things. Some will drop Lockboxes, or you'll earn Lockboxes as rewards for completing certain content. You may even run across Chests, scattered throughout the maps. All of these provide you a means to get more loot.


All of the various items that can be acquired will go into your Inventory as soon as they are picked up, and picking them up is as simple as clicking on the item's icon in the game. Your hero will approach the item, and once they are close enough it will be automatically picked up and placed in the first open slot in the character's Inventory. You can then manage all this look by pressing the 'I' key on the keyboard, or clicking the 'ITEMS' button on the Skill Bar. Doing so will open the Character menu, which includes the Inventory.


You can manage your character's equipment in the Character menu. By clicking and dragging on any of the icons shown, you may move it to a different position on that page of the Inventory. By clicking and dragging any pieces of equipment, you can equipment them on the appropriate slots on the Character panel. You may also simply remove any piece of armor by doing the same.


Important Points To Remember:

  • Some things, like Chests and Lockboxes purchased from the Shop, will not appear in the Inventory. Those items will be opened as soon as they are purchased, with the rewards added to the Inventory immediately.
  • Knights have available a special Ability called 'Dual Wield' which will allow the Knight to wield two swords instead of a sword and a shield. Once at least a Skill Point has been allocated to that skill, simply drag and drop a Sword into the Off Hand slot on the Character Panel.
  • Consumable Items (Food, Drink, Elixirs, Enchanting Materials, and Special Event Currency) can be stacked, allowing you to place multiples of the same item in the same Inventory slot. Stacked items cannot be unstacked, and different items have different limits as to how much can be stacked
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