Basic Gameplay - Movement & Attacking

The campaign through Alderstone takes the player on an epic quest to rescue a princess and defeat an ancient evil. And the most vital action to defeat that evil is moving and attacking - both managed through use of the mouse (no keyboard commands are used to move or target attacks).


Movement is managed by simply left-clicking where on the map you'd like your character to move to. Attacking is done much in the same fashion, but instead of clicking somewhere on the ground, you click on an enemy; the character will proceed into range and attack them.


Holding down the Shift key while left-clicking on an enemy will cause your character to ignore anything else and attack the target. Doing so while playing a Wizard or Archer will end with your character remaining generally in the same position and attacking from range. Please note that the character will move to get the target into range if necessary, if you select a target that is outside of range. A Wizard or Archer will also move so that they have a clear line-of-sight on the target. Holding down the Control key while left-clicking (or right-clicking) will cause your character to move to the targeted location, ignoring everything else around them.

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