Basic Gameplay - Quickslots & Skill Slots

Survival in Alderstone is a difficult challenge, one made manageable through the Skill Bar. The Skill Bar is the piece of the UI where players can decide what food, drink, and Elixirs to have close at hand, as well as what Abilities will be available for their character to use. The Health and Mana Bars are also present on the Skill Bar, along with the buttons to access the Shop and Inventory.


Quickslots are where you can opt to have four different Food, Drink, or Elixirs ready to be used at the press of a button (specifically, the Q, W, E, and R buttons). To select an item to assign to one of the four Quickslots, hover your mouse cursor over the quickslot in question and then click the arrow button. A window will pop up from the quickslot, giving you a choice of all the types of food, drink, and elixirs currently in your hero's inventory. Assigning one type of consumable to a quickslot will allow you to consume it at the press of a button; all of that particular type of consumable will be available on the selected Quickslot, no matter how many stacks they may exist as in the Inventory. Each type of consumable may be assigned to only one Quickslot.


Skill Slots are where you assign active Abilities for use. Through use of the 1 - 5 keys on the keyboard, you can activate the Abilities assigned to that particular Skill Slot. Only Abilities assigned to a Skill Slot can be activated, but you may change what Ability is assigned to a particular Skill Slot at any time. To assign an Ability to a Skill Slot, hover the mouse cursor over the Skill Slot in question and then click the arrow button. A window will pop up from the Skill Slot, giving you a choice from the Abilities available for that class. Each Ability may only be assigned to a single Skill Slot.


Through the use of the Skillbar Swap button (mapped to T on desktops, or you can tap the swap button on the Skillbar), players can slot another five Abilities for use. You can only activate those Abilities that are slotted on the current Skillbar, but you can quickly switch between the two to expand your Hero's repertoire of attacks.

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