PSA - Unable to collect Training Scrolls or Dragon Tokens

We are aware that at this time some players are experiencing issues wherein they are unable to collect the Training Scrolls generated by the Scroll Library or the Dragon Tokens generated by the Dragon Token Bank, but only when the total to be collected will put them over their current storage capacity for Training Scrolls or Dragon Tokens. This will appear that the Scroll Library or Dragon Token Bank will show that there are resources to be collected on the Dragon Village map, but nothing happens when they are clicked on.

Our engineers are investigating into why the appropriate notification that would explain that you are at your limit for your current storage capacity is not appearing. That said, once you are at this point the only way to collect those resources will be to increase your maximum storage capacity for Training Scrolls or Dragon Tokens by upgrading the appropriate storage building. This will increase the maximum storage capacity and allow those outstanding resources to be collected.

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