PSA - Unequipped Items, Empty Vaults, Rearranged Inventories

We're aware that some players are having a problem upon logging into KingsRoad where the layout of the items on the account is being lost. This is resulting in all equipment (including trinkets & appearance items) and the contents of the Vault being set to appear in the Inventory, as that is the default display location for items in KingsRoad.


Nothing is being lost as a result of this. As you re-equip items or move them back to the Vault to free up Inventory space, this will allow the rest of the unorganized items to reappear, allowing you to continue to re-equip your character and re-organize your Vault.


We also have changes on the way to prevent this from occurring in the future.


Please note that Rumble Player Support cannot restore your item layout to its previous settings; this information was lost, which is why accounts are in this state. Players will  need to re-equip their items or move them back to the Vault on their own.


Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.


-Rumble Player Support

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