Advanced Gameplay - Equipment & Equipment Dungeons


Equipment for your Titans becomes available once you have beaten Campaign Level 2-15 on Normal Difficulty. This unlocks the Equipment Armory Dungeons, which allow you to begin plumbing their depths to discover Equipment to use to increase your Titans' effectiveness, allowing for deeper customization of your individual Titans.


In these Equipment Armory Dungeons, you’ll be able to discover Weapons, Helmets, Chest Pieces & Boots, any of which can be equipped on any Titan in your Barracks (one piece of Equipment cannot be equipped on multiple Titans at the same time, though).



Each piece of Equipment will have unique Stats, Rarities, and Star Levels, much like an individual Titan. Equipment also comes in Sets, which will provide a wide array of bonuses when multiple pieces from a Set are equipped on the same Titan. Some Sets will require 2 pieces, whereas more powerful effects will require a full set of 4 pieces to apply the Set Bonus.

Once you’ve cleared a few Equipment Armory Dungeons and collected several pieces of Equipment, you’ll want to equip that Equipment on your Titans! This is done through the ‘Equipment’ tab on the Titan Progression screen in the 'Barracks' or the 'Team Select - Level Up' buttons.



From here you can select any of the four Slots available (Weapons, Helmets, Chest Pieces & Boots), and see which pieces of Equipment are available for the selected Slot. Should the selected Titan have a piece of Equipment already equipped in that slot, this will be listed as well.



Once you’ve selected a piece of Equipment for the relevant Slot, you’ll be shown its Stats, Rarity, as well as any Set Bonuses available (along with how many pieces of the Set are required for the Set Bonus). You’ll also have the option to Equip that item, to upgrade it (UPGRADING COMING SOON), or to burn the selected Equipment, destroying it and receiving materials specific to the type of Equipment dismantled.



Equipping a piece of Equipment or burning it does not cost anything, but unequipping a piece of Equipment costs Dust, with the amount based on the Rarity and Star Level of the equipped Equipment. You may also choose to Dismantle the piece of Equipment from that panel, which is the same as burning the item.


Salvaging or Destroying any piece of Equipment returns a small about of Dust along with materials specific to the type of Equipment burned, those used in upgrading Equipment from that Slot. Weapons provide and require Ferrum, Helmets provide and require Aurum, Chest Pieces provide and require Gallium, and Boots provide and require Iridium.

The amount of Dust and materials received depends on the Rarity and Star Level of the Equipment you are dismantling.

Upgrading Equipment will be coming in a future release! But as a teaser, you’ll sacrifice unwanted pieces of Equipment to grant EXP to the piece of Equipment getting the upgrade, and this will cost Dust and the material for that type of Item. The cost will depend on the number of pieces of Equipment sacrificed, and the Rarity & Star Level of the sacrificed Equipment.

So start stocking up now!

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