What to do if you are banned from Discord

Help, my account was banned from Discord!
What is this:


There are many reasons a user’s account may be removed from the Community; It posed a security issue, it was engaging in inappropriate or rule-breaking behavior, or other reasons you may find in the articles below.

A list of our rules may be found here:
(You must be a member of our Community to view the above link, if you are not a member of our Community and you need a reminder of our rules, they may be sent to you upon request by using the contact methods listed below in this document.)
Discord Terms of Service can be found here:
Discord Community Guidelines can be found here:

Like many written works; some people may feel that these rules are up for interpretation, our stance is that they are not, and our clemency will understandably be rarely exercised.
Our team is trained with the first priority being to protect the integrity of our community against aggressors. We have a zero bullying policy, this is to protect our Community, Moderators, and Staff alike.
Each transgression will be thoroughly documented from the time the user joins the Discord. Each infraction recorded in perpetuity. In the case that you believe yourself to have been unjustly banned you may appeal to these outlets:
Via the bot generated appeal link that will be DM’ed to your Discord account from Dyno#3861 upon your banning. Even if your DMs are turned off, Dyno will be able to DM you if you are on any servers where Dyno is used. If you do not receive the generated link please contact us via the email below.
By Emailing:

The Appeal Process:
1.) Upon receipt of your contact, the Community Staff will review each documented case of action taken against your account including warnings, infractions, behavior, and interactions with the Community and Staff leading up to the ban. 
2.) The Banned will be allowed to present evidence, a statement, or reasons they believe the ban should be removed.
3.) A Community Staff vote will be taken and a ban will be lifted only in the case of a unanimous vote to remove the ban.
4.) The verdict will be communicated, and if the User’s ban is not lifted, they may reapply for an appeal after a period of time given by the Community Staff has passed.


Can I rejoin with a new account?
No. Banned users found to be ban evading, or who are suspected of ban evading will be banned, or muted at the discretion of the Staff. After an investigation the user may be unbanned or unmuted if they can provide evidence that exonerates them.

If I am banned in discord, can I still play the game?
Usually Discord-banned users will still be able to access the game client as usual. In rare cases of malicious, willful, and blatant disregard or harm to members of our Community, Moderators, or Staff, users may be banned from all Rumble applications, or any service not strictly licensed therein, depending on the severity, and or type of the offense or offenses. It is important to know that users who have already lost privileges to participate in our Discord Community can and will be banned from using in-game chat in cases where their in-game communication becomes malicious, harassing, threatening, demeaning, or dehumanizing to other Community Members, Moderators or Staff.

Can I still get help from Customer service if I am banned from Discord and muted in game?
Yes, but users who have exhausted all other channels of communication can and will be banned entirely if they continue to engage in malicious, harassing, threatening,  demeaning, or dehumanizing behavior to our Customer Support staff.

Review bombing, chargebacks, doxing, severe TOS violations, and malicious posting.
Banned, muted, or otherwise reprimanded users found to be engaging in malicious behavior on other platforms may be considered legally liable.

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