The Basics - A Titan's Personalities

Just as every individual has their own Personality, every Titan summoned in Towers and Titans can have their own Personality as well!


For a Titan, their Personality determines which Stat will receive a boost, and what other Stat will be reduced in turn. This allows each iteration of the same Titan to have variety, to stand out amongst a crowd of duplicates.


Currently in Towers and Titans we have defined two specific Personality Types: Neutral & Chaotic. These two Personality Types decide how much of an increase and decrease each chosen Stat will receive.

Personality Type Stat 1 Increase Stat 2 Decrease
Neutral 5% 5%
Chaotic 8%



For each Personality Type there are currently twenty-one possible Personalities available, and these determine which Stats will be increased and decreased.

Personality Personality Types Stat 1 Increase Stat 2 Decrease
Eager Neutral/Chaotic Crit Chance Power
Unyielding Neutral/Chaotic HP Power
Gallant Neutral/Chaotic Armor Power
Vigilant Neutral/Chaotic Mana Regen Power
Reckless Neutral/Chaotic Power Crit Chance
Tenacious Neutral/Chaotic HP Crit Chance
Gritty Neutral/Chaotic Armor Crit Chance
Clever Neutral/Chaotic Mana Regen Crit Chance
Dynamic Neutral/Chaotic Power HP
Zealous Neutral/Chaotic Crit Chance HP
Headstrong Neutral/Chaotic Armor HP
Hasty Neutral/Chaotic Mana Regen HP
Keen Neutral/Chaotic Power Armor
Daring Neutral/Chaotic Crit Chance Armor
Bold Neutral/Chaotic HP Armor
Devoted Neutral/Chaotic Mana Regen Armor
Volatile Neutral/Chaotic Power Mana Regen
Nimble Neutral/Chaotic Crit Chance Mana Regen
Steadfast Neutral/Chaotic HP Mana Regen
Fearless Neutral/Chaotic Armor Mana Regen


Note: We reserve the right to add Personality Types and / or Personalities in the future as dictated by the needs of the game. We reserve the right to make tuning adjustments to existing Personality Types and / or Personalities in the future as dictated by the needs of the game. We will endeavor not to make changes to existing Titans and their Personality Types and / or Personalities, but this is not guaranteed.

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