The Basics - The PvP Arena!

Now that you’ve assembled a small army of Titans and help them build up their power. Now it’s time to show off your powerful Titans in the PvP Arena!




The PvP Arena allows players to compete against one another, pitting their chosen teams of Titans against both waves of enemies and the cleverness of their opponent. Success and victory allows the player to climb the Leaderboards towards great rewards over the course of a League and an Arena Season!


Battling in the Arena

Once you’ve unlocked the PVP Arena, you can battle there at any time as long as you have PvP Arena Energy. PvP Arena Energy regenerates naturally over time to the account’s current cap, or it may be purchased from the Shop. Either way you obtain it, 1 PvP Arena Energy allows you to battle in the Arena. Just tap the BATTLE button when you’re on the PVP Arena home page, and you’re in.

Much like battling through the Campaign or in Dungeons, you can create up to five separate teams of Titans, each team with up to eight Titans to take into battle. Teams are selected the same as they would for the Campaign or Dungeons; tap on the team name on the left, and then tap on QUICK SELECT or an open slot to select your team.

You may view the element of the enemies you’ll face on the PVP Arena map, to better customize your team of Titans.

You can also rename each of the Arena Team slots available to you by tapping the PENCIL icon, which will bring up the EDIT TEAM NAME panel, allowing you to set a custom name.




Once you’re satisfied with the team you’ve chosen, tap the PLAY button to pay the 1 PvP Arena Energy and find an opponent!


Leagues, Seasons, and Matchmaking

Players will find themselves in various Leagues when battling in the PVP Arena, based on how often they win and lose matches to earn Leaderboard Trophies.




Each League will have a Promotion zone and a Demotion zone, which are the ranks a player needs to reach in order to promote up to the next League, or where they’ll be demoted to the previous League if their ranking drops too far. Rankings in each League are based on the number of Leaderboard Trophies earned, and refresh on a weekly basis. Players in the Promotion or Demotion zone for a League will find themselves promoted or demoted as needed during the weekly rollover, landing in a different League for the next week.

An Arena Season runs for 90 days, and tracks each player’s progress up and down the League rankings. At the end of each Arena Season, players receive rewards based on the League they finished the Season in, with the higher ranked Leagues earning better rewards.




Finally, players can view the Global Arena Leaderboard, which shows the top 50 players worldwide. The Global Arena Leaderboard runs side by side with the Arena Season, resetting every 90 days.




Matchmaking in the PVP Arena is based on both the League a player is in and their relative skill level compared to other players. The Leagues two above or two below a player’s current League are eligible matchmaking pools when looking for a challenge: players in the Platinum League could be matched against anyone from the Silver League, up through to Commander League, but a player in the Bronze League will only match against players in the Silver and Gold Leagues. “Skill level” in the PVP Arena is calculated based on the number of wins and losses an individual player has acquired.

You’ll also only match against eligible players who are also in the matchmaking queue at the same time as you.


PVP Battles

You’ve created your team, you’ve made it into a league, now it’s time to duel!

Players in a PvP Arena match face off against waves of enemies, each responsible for defending their side of the map. Each map consists of two lanes; the first lane is the normal wave of enemies, like any other map. Players need to set their Titans to take advantage of the terrain and defeat all oncoming enemies as each wave advances.

For each enemy defeated, a duplicate is sent over to your opponents second lane; for each enemy they defeat, a duplicate appears on your second lane.

So players need to manage both lanes, working to strategically dispatch their enemies to best throw their opponent off-guard, to catch them unawares as the match continues until one player’s HP runs out.




The map used for the PvP Arena changes from week to week, so be sure to keep an eye on what enemies you'll be facing and adjust your teams accordingly!


The Thrill of Victory (or the sting of defeat)

As noted, a PvP Arena match continues wave after wave until one player loses all of their HP. To the Victor goes the spoils, with a victory in the PvP Arena earning Leaderboard Trophies, Gold, and Arena Coins to spend in the Shop. The amount of Leaderboard Trophies, Gold, and Arena Coins earned varies depending on the player’s skill level and the skill level of their opponent. A larger difference in base skill levels will result in greater rewards for overcoming a challenging opponent.

A defeated challenger does not walk away empty-handed though. A loss in the PVP Arena guarantees three (3) Leaderboard Trophies and a smaller amount of Gold & Arena Coins.


I’ve Fought In The Arena! Now What?

As a player earns Leaderboard Trophies, they’ll advance along through our Leagues, with all players battling towards the top. The full list of Leaderboard Leagues is provided below:

  • Bronze League

  • Silver League

  • Gold League

  • Platinum League

  • Diamond League

  • Commander League

Players start their PVP Arena experience in the Bronze League, can battle up to the Commander League if they so choose. And they can review their currently placement at any time by tapping the LEADERBOARD button the PVP Arena Panel. The PVP Leaderboard Panel will show their current standing in their current League, their current and best placement in all six Leagues, and lastly the full Global Arena, which is all players and their progress. They can also see how long the League or Season has left to run.




And if a player has earned any rewards from any of those Leaderboards, they’ll see a preview on that same panel. Rewards are issued as messages in the Inbox at the conclusion of each League or Season.


Private Matches

With the release of Towers and Titans Version 2.10.1, Private Matches are now available to all players in the PvP Arena!

When you're in the PvP Arena Panel or the PvP Arena Team Select Panel, simply change your chose from Quick Match to Private Match, and tap the same BATTLE button to begin.



You'll be prompted to private a password for your match. Provide that passcode to the player you wish to face, or enter a passcode received from another player to face them in the PvP


Note: Private Matches cost no energy to begin, generate no PvP Rewards, and do not affect Leaderboard standings.


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