The Basics - The PvP Arena!


Now that you’ve assembled a small army of Titans and helped them build up their power, it’s time to show off your powerful Titans in the PvP Arena!


The PvP Arena allows players to compete against one another, pitting their chosen teams of Titans against both waves of enemies and the cleverness of their opponent. Success and victory allows the player to climb the Leaderboards towards great rewards over the course of a League and an Arena Season!


Battling in the Arena

Once you’ve unlocked the PVP Arena, you can battle there at any time!

Much like battling through the Campaign or in Dungeons, you can create up to five separate teams of Titans, each team with up to eight Titans to take into battle. Teams are selected the same as they would for the Campaign or Dungeons; tap on the team name on the left, and then tap on QUICK SELECT or an open slot to select your team.

You may view the element of the enemies you’ll face on the PVP Arena map, to better customize your team of Titans.

You can also rename each of the Arena Team slots available to you by tapping the PENCIL icon, which will bring up the EDIT TEAM NAME panel, allowing you to set a custom name.


Once you’re satisfied with the team you’ve chosen, tap the PLAY button to find an opponent!

You can also opt to battle your friends by selecting PRIVATE MATCH instead of QUICK MATCH.

Note: Private Matches do not generate rewards.


Matchmaking in the Arena

Matchmaking in the PVP Arena is based on a player's hidden skill level, also known as Matchmaking Rating (MMR), and not their Division. MMR is determined similar to chess ratings where a player gains MMR when they win a match or loses MMR when they are defeated in a match.

The Matchmaking system aims to create as fair matches as possible so it tries to pair players with similar MMRs even if those players are in different Divisions.

A player's Division is generally a reflection of their MMR but not always. In between Seasons when there are Division resets, players can be placed in a Division that is lower than their MMR.

Furthermore, a player’s Division will determine the difficulty of the enemies in the match. Higher Divisions will have more difficult enemies. When players are in different Divisions , the enemy difficulty will be based on the lower of the two Divisions.


PVP Battles

You’ve created your team, you’ve made it into a league, now it’s time to duel!


Players in a PvP Arena match face off against waves of enemies, each responsible for defending their side of the map. Each map consists of two lanes; the first lane is the normal wave of enemies, like any other map. Players need to set their Titans to take advantage of the terrain and defeat all oncoming enemies as each wave advances.

For each enemy defeated, a duplicate is sent over to your opponents second lane; for each enemy they defeat, a duplicate appears on your second lane.

So players need to manage both lanes, working to strategically dispatch their enemies to best throw their opponent off-guard, to catch them unawares as the match continues until one player’s HP runs out.


BOOSTING Your Way to Victory

During a PvP Arena Match, both players will have the opportunity to use a BOOST to generate an extra enemy in their lane. Once defeated, this extra enemy joins the ranks marching down your opponent’s lane. Use your Boosts strategically to overwhelm your opponent’s defenses, but watch out! They’ll be looking for that same opportunity against you!


The Thrill of Victory (or the sting of defeat)

As noted, a PvP Arena match continues wave after wave until one player loses all of their HP. To the Victor goes the spoils, with a victory in the PvP Arena earning five (5) Battle Pass XP and Trophies, which apply towards their Trophy Road ranking and the Battle Pass. The amount of Trophies earned varies depending on the player’s skill level and the skill level of their opponent.

The defeated challenger from any PvP battle will lose an amount of Trophies in turn, also based on the player’s skill level and the skill level of their opponent. A defeated challenger does not walk away completely empty-handed though. A loss in the PVP Arena still guarantees three (3) Battle Pass XP.


I’ve Fought In The Arena! Now What?

As a player earns Trophies, they’ll advance along the Trophy Road, earning rewards as they Rank Up. There are eight Divisions along the Trophy Road to advance through, with each Division but the last consisting of three Tiers.


The full list of Trophy Road Divisions is provided below:

  • Iron (Iron I, Iron II, Iron III)

  • Bronze (Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III)

  • Silver (Silver I, Silver II, Silver III)

  • Gold (Gold I, Gold II, Gold III)

  • Platinum (Platinum I, Platinum II, Platinum III)

  • Diamond (Diamond I, Diamond II, Diamond III)

  • Commander (Commander I, Commander II, Commander III)

  • Conqueror (Conqueror I)

Players start their PVP Arena experience in the Iron Division, Tier I, and can battle their way all the way up to Conqueror I if they so choose. As players earn or lose Trophies, they’ll ascend or descend through the Trophy Road, earning rewards along the way, with a different reward available the first time a player fights their way to a new Tier and Division. Rewards can be collected at any time from the Trophy Road panel.

At the end of each Season, all players will have their Division standing reset based on where they ended the Season. Players at or above the Platinum Division, Tier I will start in the Platinum Division, Tier I. Players below Platinum Division, Tier I will start in the Iron Division, Tier I.

Players can also earn rewards through the new Battle Pass, available with each new season in the PvP Arena. As players battle in the PvP Arena, they will earn Battle Pass XP, which goes towards unlocking new ranks on the Battle Pass.


The Battle Pass consists of two separate tracks: a Free Track, available to all players, and a Premium Track, access to which is available in the Shop. Players will level up their Battle Pass and unlock new rewards which can be collected at any time after they are unlocked. Players who opt to purchase the Premium Track once they’ve unlocked ranks in the Battle Pass will have any Premium Track rewards from past ranks available immediately.

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