Getting Started - Registering a Brand New Account

In order to enjoy Towers and Titans to the fullest, all players are recommended to create an account. While it is possible to play Towers and Titans on a Guest Account, Guest Accounts are restricted from many features of the game, including the ability to play your Towers and Titans account on multiple devices. Guest Accounts may only be played on the original device that they were started on, and will be lost should Towers and Titans be removed from that device.

So to be sure that your progress is saved and able to be recovered, you’ll need to register for an account!


Account Registration

Account registration is a simple process that does exactly what it sounds like it would do; it registered an account for the player with Rumble’s servers, allowing the player to save their progress, transfer that progress to different devices, and access all of the features contained within Towers and Titans.

At this time players have two options to use when registering their account, with more on the way.


Registering a Rumble Account

The first option available to players for account creation will be to register a Rumble Account on our servers. Registering a Rumble Account will allow you to recover your existing Towers and Titans account to any device that Towers and Titans is available on.

To do so, simply provide your email address and a secure password on the CREATE ACCOUNT panel. At minimum a password must contain at least 8 characters. Rumble recommends using at least 16 characters using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.




Once you’ve clicked the CREATE ACCOUNT button, you’ll receive an email from Rumble Entertainment to confirm that you have access to the email address provided and that you wish to proceed. Just click the CONFIRM EMAIL button included in the email to complete this process, and you’ll be all set!




Once you’ve confirmed your email, you’ll be prompted to accept the terms. Check those boxes and click CREATE ACCOUNT and you’ll be in and playing!


Registering with Google

The second option currently available to players who wish to sign up and play Towers and Titans is to do so with their Google account. Registering with Google will allow you to recover your existing Towers and Titans account on any Android device. 

To begin, please make sure that you’ve signed into your Android device with the Google account you wish to use to play Towers and Titans. Then select the SIGN UP WITH GOOGLE option on the CREATE ACCOUNT panel. You’ll be provided with a Google Play prompt to allow access to the required information.




Once you’re ready, click the button to proceed and you’ll be provided with the option to agree to our terms. Click the two options and click CREATE ACCOUNT, and you’ll be all set and playing Towers and Titans!


Any Other Options?

Rumble is always investigating other options for our players to use for account registration, but at this time these are the only options available.

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