FAQ - I've made a purchase but didn't receive my items, what do I do?

Any purchase of any in-app product for Towers & Titans will be delivered to your Inbox once the purchase has been processed by whichever store it was purchased through, be it Google Play, the App Store, or any other platform used, and through our underlying blockchain partner if the purchase includes an NFT.


If you haven't received your purchase, please check the status of your payment to that platform, and keep an eye out for a purchase confirmation email from Google Play, the App Store, or your payment provider.


Note: Items are only delivered in Towers & Titans once the transaction goes through on Google Play, the App Store, or any other platform. Any delays in the processing of that transaction can result in a delay of the receipt of items.

Note: Delivery of any NFT (Tomes, Titans, etc) is subject to the processing of that transaction through our blockchain partner, and may be delayed due to delays on their platform, resulting in the delayed appearance of Tomes or loading spinners in place of a Titan in your Barracks.


If you've received a receipt but still have not received the purchased items within 24 hours, please submit a ticket to Rumble Player Support so we can investigate for you. Please be sure to include your in-game screen name, the in-game package purchased, and a screenshot of the full email receipt received from Google Play, the App Store, etc.


Tickets can be submitted through the SUBMIT A REQUEST form available here. Please be sure to select Billing Questions as the subject nature of the question.

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